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Dog Breeds – Bernese Mountain Dog

A native of Switzerland, the Bernese Mountain Dog, also known as Berner Sennenhund, Bouvier Bernois, or simply “Berner” has long served as both work dog and watchdog.

They are sturdy and balanced tri-colored dogs, known for their ability to pull carts and drive cattle.
They have a distinct coat made up of black, white, and rust coat that looks like it was specially crafted by an artist, and bear a resemblance to the Australian Shepherd.

Despite the ability to keep a watchful eye over their family, the Bernese Mountain dog still manages to remain extremely friendly with children while not being overly aggressive.

This breed craves exercise and the outdoors, though their endurance may be limited.  They are also playful dogs, that love to lean or even sit on your feet.

A perfectly bred Bernese Mountain dog is said to have a white “Swiss cross” on their chest when standing upright.

(photo: kellypuffs)