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Dog Breeds – Belgian Malinois

First bred in and around the city of Malines, Belgium, the Belgian Malinois, sometimes referred to as the Belgian Shepherd Dog, is a highly proportioned and muscular, medium-sized working dog.

It is very intelligent and obedient dog, with a short and straight coat, and  a color scheme generally composed of rich fawn with ablack nose and black ears.

The Malinois, as Belgians refer to them, are quite possessive of their owner, and need to be well socialized at birth.

They tend to get along well with people, but may have problems with other animals.

This breed is most commonly used for police work, as well as for personal protection and detection.

The Belgian Malinois resembles the German Shepherd, but tends to suffer fewer genetic defects because of limited breeding.

(photo: intrepidmalinois)