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Dog Born With Heart-Shaped Patch on Coat

Puppy Heart

A baby chihuahua born with a heart-shaped pattern on his coat has become a hit in Japan.

The chihuahua has a white coat with a tan colored patch of fur in the shape of a nearly perfect heart that many onlookers now seem to feel is lucky.

According to owner Emiko Sakurada, who breeds chihuahuas, this is the first of roughly 1,000 dogs to exhibit this type of marking.

She has chosen the name of “Heartkun” for the prized pup, born in Northern Japan and soon to be famous throughout the world.

Spectators as well as the media have been mobbing the young dog, hoping for a chance to touch the dog, as it is believed to rub off some good luck.

This dog gives a new meaning to the phrase, “wearing your heart on your sleeve”.