Bad Pet Haircuts

Leave Pet Grooming to the Experts

bad haircut

In a bid to save money, two kids decided to groom their Australian Shepherd so he would stay cool during the hot summer ahead.

What they got was a much more than they bargained for, after spending several days cutting through the dog’s coarse coat.

With the use of some household hair clippers and a pair of scissors, the kids did their best to make the dogs’ new “do” fashionable.

The result was rather imperfect, but cute in a strange, asymmetrical kind of way.

The grooming process went on for about three days, and it’s unknown whether the job is complete, or ever will be for that matter.

The good news is that based on the pictures above and below, the dog will likely stay cool througout the entire summer…

I think the dog also deserves some credit for putting up with what must have seemed like a neverending nightmare.

dog haircut