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Dog Breeds – Yorkshire Terrier

It is said that this 100 year old breed was developed when Scottish mine workers brought terriers down from Scotland to develop a breed that could control vermin, and fit into small spaces to kill off any other pests.

Things have certainly changed, as nowadays their image is almost the contrary, with the Yorkshire Terrier more likely to be found in a Louis Vuitton handbag than a dirty, rat-infested stable.

This long-haired breed is toy-sized, with a distinctive blue and tan coat, and now serves as a highly popular companion dog, as well as the most popular toy breed in the United States.

Despite their small size, Yorkies as they’re more commonly referred to, love to start trouble and explore their surroundings, and serve as good watchdogs because their intelligence and courage.

Justin Timberlake owns two Yorkshire Terriers named Bella and Bearlie, and Chelsea football manager owns one as well named Leya.  The Nixon’s had one when they lived in the White House.

(photo: tanakawho)