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 Friesian Horse

The history of the Friesian horse dates a long way back to Roman times where historians documented the presence of Friesians mounted at Hadrian’s Wall.

But it said that the Friesian horse first originated in the Netherlands.  And it is also known as the only indigenous horse breed from the Netherlands still present today.

For years the Friesian was known as the greatest warhorse in Europe, and in the early 20th century it gained popularity as a trotting horse after being crossed with faster breeds, which unfortunately almost destroyed the breed.

Friesian horses are always black, and usually stand between 15 and 16.3 hands.  They are most noted for their thick manes and tails, and the feathering on their lower legs.

They are popular today as carriage and harness horses, but also good for all-around riding.

(photo: fchosson)