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French Poodle Wins World Dog Show

French Poodle

Pictured above is Smash, a Japanese-born French Poodle who won the annual World Dog Show in Mexico City. His owner is Mamoro Oyama of Japan

The poodle beat out some 5,000 competitors from around the globe, including 300 different dog breeds.

A male Bulldog came in second place, and third place went to a bulldog, while the third place went to a male Xoloitzcuintle, described as a hairless Mexican breed also known as Xolo. Both dogs have Mexican owners.

Owners spent hours grooming and preparing the dogs, and spent thousands of dollars investing in their lives to get them to this level.

“In the long run we might not recoup the investment, but if they are well-ranked in these competitions, the quality of the dog is certified and the price of its mating and offspring rises,” said Mr. Trejo, a Venezuelan engineer who raises dogs part time as a hobby.