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Dog Breeds – Collie

The Collie was originally a herding breed that worked in the Scottish highlands, though it didn’t take long for the Collie to become one of the most popular dog breeds in the world.

With the help of Queen Victoria, these dogs were brought to the attention of the world, and soon became one of the most beloved breeds.  Lassie , a “Smooth Collie” and infamous TV dog didn’t hurt either…

The Collie comes in a rough or smooth coat, and is a medium-sized dog with a notably pointed muzzle.

Their temperament is rather balanced, as they get along well with children and are protective of their family without being overly aggressive towards strangers.

They are very easy to train mainly because of their intelligence and willingness to please their owners.

There are several varities of Collie, including the  Rough Collie, Smooth Collie, Border Collie, and Bearded Collie.

Former US president Lydon Johnson had a Collie named “Blanco”.

(photo: christianmadden)