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Bouvier des Flandres

The origin of this breed is still in dispute, but many believe it is cross between the Griffon and the Beauceron, from the French-Belgian region of Flanders.

During World War I, this breed served as a messenger and rescue dog, and today is used commonly to drive the herds of cowmen and drovers of stock in the Flanders region of both Belgium and France.

The translation in French is literally, “Herdsman of Flanders” while in Flemish they are known as Koehond, or cattle dog.

The Bouvier des Flandres breed is short and compact, but has a rather shaggy coat that gives it a more rugged appeal.

They are usually calm and friendly, and enjoy the company of most humans and other pets. They serve as loyal and protective guard dogs, and are smart enough to exhibit non-aggressive behavior at the right times, and vice versa.

Former President Ronald Reagan owned a Bouvier des Flandres named Lucky.

(photo: wayne&sally)