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Dog Breeds – Australian Cattle Dog

blue heeler

The Australian Cattle Dog, often known simply as the “Blue Heeler” or “Australian Heeler”, is said to be a cross between European imports and wild Australian dingoes.

This rugged dog breed is used for driving cattle over long distances under harsh climates because of their excellent stamina, and strong work ethic.

The name “Heeler” was given to them because they nip the heels of the cattle to drive them in a specific direction.

They are compact, yet yield muscular builds, and short, easily maintained coats that come in two different colors, blue or red.

They are very loyal to their owners, and can exhibit a mixed temperament because of their high energy and wild background, and may have trouble with other dogs.

Australian Cattle Dogs may express caution at the site of strangers, and may be aggressive if prompted, but are generally a playful, fun-loving breed.

Australian Cattle Dogs have appeared in such famous films as Mad Max and Brokeback Mountain.

(photo: akahige)