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Iams Cat Food Recall

According to the FDA pet food recall site, a few Iams cat food products have been recalled.

They include Iams Cat Slices and Flakes and Iams Select Bites.

But be sure to check regularly to see if anything changes, and if new products are added to the Iams Cat Food Recall.

On the Iams website, they state, “You can feel confident feeding all Iams dry food, as none of these products were affected by the recall.”

Iams is also offering a $5 off coupon for Iams dry dog or cat food as courtesy due to the recent recall.

Visit to receive the coupon and read more about the recall.

No Whiskas Cat Food Recall

Many concerned cat owners have been curious about whether Whiskas brand cat food had been part of the recent pet food recall nationwide.

Rest assured, according to the Whiskas website, “WHISKAS® Food For Cats is 100% safe and not a part of the national recall.”

That’s good news for pet lovers everywhere who may have been feeding their four-legged friends any of the Whiskas brand products over the last few months.

The Whiskas website also mentions that, “If you’re unsure about what to feed your feline friend at the moment, we’d like to invite you to try WHISKAS® products and rest easy that it’s 100% safe for your cat.”

So despite there being no Whiskas cat food recall, the company is still offering free cat food samples as a measure of good faith.

See for yourself at their site.